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Edition 2022

From the 19th to the 24th September 2022, FAME will host its very first event!

This occasion wouldn’t be complete without a theme. The first theme will be Ouverture(s) or Opening(s). In French, ouverture(s) also translates as openness. In the plural form, it references the opening of our programme in space and time, but also the notion of opening up the mind to the plurality of bodies, ages, subjectivities, narratives and imaginations.

The programme features both international and Belgian artists, French and Dutch-speaking companies, and consists in performances of emergent and established artists.

The concept of « openness » also represents the desire not to have distill the different perspectives on what is “real” to a single worldview, nor to limit others to one single subjectivity, or fixed and definitive identity. Opening is the multiplying of points of view, positions and opinions.

To open means not to force women and gender minorities to speak of their lives, experiences and identities, but to challenge oneself to understand the world through their eyes and their creations.

For this reason, FAME has created 5 different pathways along which one can meander and explore the festival. These pathways do not have boundaries, nor strict entry or exit points. They are flexible, interconnected and reflect the paths you can walk to arrive at the shows, workshops, conferences... These are:


1 | Arts and Female Heritage
2 | Arts and Bodies
3 | Arts and Systems of exploitation (Gender, society, colonialism)
4 | Arts and Non-human beings
5 | Arts and Queerness


In the spirit of the festival's ambition to bring the arts and feminism into dialogue, each of these tracks is inspired by questions that animate and agitate contemporary feminist currents: materialist, decolonial and queer feminisms, eco-feminism, pro-sex feminisms, transfeminism, and so on.


Soledad et Sina dans un jardin sourie et brandissent des guitares

Soledad Kalza and Sina Kienou

Soledad Kalza and Sina Kienou are a duo rooted in their precious musical culture.
Soledad Kalza | Sina Kienou

Wednesday 21 sept | 9pm

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Barbara Métais-Chastanier pour Arts, écologie et féminisme.

Art, ecology, and feminism

How to overcome theatrical extractivism
Barbara Métais-Chastanier | Le Crabe collectif

Thursday 22 Sept | 3pm | FR

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personne allonger dans un filet accrocher dans les arbres


Vulcana is a queer and feminist organization, spotlighting comitted and inclusive art in Brussels.

Thursday 22 Sept | 5pm | FR

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Couverture pour l'atelier archives et revendications

Archives and claims

A writing workshop to explore archives.
Marie Vaiana | Capucine Berthon | Marthe Degaille

Thursday 22 Sept | 5pm | FR

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Gwendal Raymond sur scène pour le spectacle Gwerz


According to Breton oral tradition, the “gwerzioù” or folk songs often reference tragic stories.
Gwendal Raymond | Gilles Jacinto

Thursday 22 Sept | 7pm | FR/ENG/Breton | Audiodescription FR
Friday 23 Sept | 8:30pm | FR/ENG/Breton

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Luanda Casella sur scène pour Killjoy Quiz.

KillJoy Quiz

A killjoy is a person who deliberately spoils the enjoyment of others. In this creation, Luanda Casella uses Sara Ahmed's concept of the killjoy figure as someone who is ready to denounce violence, even when that requires creating discomfort.
Luanda Casella | NTGent

Thursday 22 Sept | 8pm | ENG
Friday 23 Sept | 8pm | ENG

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Comédienne sur scène du spectacle Zohra's Feestje

Zohra’s Feestje

Yamina is eight years old and does not like birthday parties. When her grandmother Zohra turns 70, her mother Fadila organizes a surprise birthday party for her.
ZEBARBAR | De Studio

Friday 23 Sept | 10:30am | NL
Friday 23 Sept | 1:30pm | FR
Saturday 24 Sept | 4pm | FR

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portrait de Muriel Plana

For a feminist and queer political theater

A research and creation journey in four acts.
Muriel Plana

Friday 23 Sept | 3pm | FR

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au premier plan une femme danse derrière elle des femmes en arc de cercle la regarde et joue de la musique

Patshiva Cie

Between trance and festival, birth and morning, prayer and celebration, choral singing and dance, Cie is a choir directed by Dounia Depoorter.
Patshiva Cie

Friday 23 Sept | 8:45pm

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Camille Husson sur scène lors du spectacle Sexplay

Let’s talk about sex

Writing workshop about the show SexPlay: Our panthers our jewels, by Camille Husson.
Camille Husson

Saturday 24 Sept | 10am | FR

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groupe de personne assit en arc de cercle sur une scène un homme parle au micro et les autres le regardes

The Politics of Criticism

Does criticism take the power relations in operation behind the works that are observed into account? Does this happen between the critic and the artist as well as in the creation process itself and the work and representations that are shown on stage?
Caroline Châtelet, Lucia van Heteren (AICT) | Marie Baudet (La Libre) | Mylène Lauzon, Anne Czapski (La Salve)

Saturday 24 Sept | 11am

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main qui se rencontre photo avec filtre violet et blanc


yamina el atlassi invites QREw, a platform of queer and racialized people. They will offer workshops, conference and dj-set.

Saturday 24 Sept | 5pm | FR

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Une photo de Madame Keita

Tea Time with Madame Keïta

After the show Zohra's Feestje, children will be able to explore the themes addressed in the show with Madame Keïta.
Madame Keïta

Saturday 24 Sept | 4:45pm | FR

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American Honey Arnold

Feminist gaze

“Feminist gaze” workshop puts forward ways to tear apart dominant male gaze in cinema
Fanny Minguet (SCC ASBL) | Flore Mercier, Sophie Breyer (Anotherlight ASBL)

Saturday 24 Sept | 2pm | FR

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Gwendal Raymond dans son spectacle Gwerz

Feelings | Creation

Based on Gwerz, by Gwendal Raymond and Gilles Jacinto.
Gwendal Raymond | Gilles Jacinto

Saturday 24 Sept | 5pm | FR

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au premier plan femmes avec deux jeunes enfants dans le bras le regard inquiet derrière des hommes en tenu de solat avec des drapeaux rouge dans les mains

Over to women artists

By drawing on its collections, the museum asks questions about its works beyond what they represent: muses, women saints, allegories, etc.

20 Sept 2022 > 05 Oct 2023

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Trois enfants dans un manège


Children’s fashion is healthier than ever. More inclusive, more environmentally friendly, with an emphasis on handmade items: new labels appear each year.

08 July 2022 > 05 March 2023

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Photo d'une fleur qui brûle. L'affiche du festival FAME 2022.


On the closing night, FAME will also close its doors. We will celebrate the end of this week with showcases, performances, and an after-party.
Cabaret Drag Chéri‧e Chapstick | Eclipse | Ernesto Coyote | Ernesto Fag | George Sand | Mama Tituba | Mercurial | Natrix | Rose Gigot | Zack | Victor Lemaure (host) DJ set Ciel | Zouzibabe | L4U | Nina Champs

Saturday 24 Sept | 9pm

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Conference Transcripts

Four conferences took place in connection to the performing arts programme. These were held at La Bellone. You can find these transcripts below (in french):

Queer, art, politique : un lien évident ?
Gilles Jacinto

Comment penser des esthétiques décoloniales et féministes dans les arts de la scène ?
Aminata Demba · Marine Bachelot Nguyen · Lîlâ Bisiaux · Modération Aru Lee

Arts, écologie et féminisme
Barbara Métais-Chastanier · Le Crabe collectif


Photos credits : Samy Soussi · · @sam.photographe

FAME is not only a venue, but also a supporter of co-production.

The Manx Cat Project is a multi-faceted project that brought together 5 directors and 3 authors from Ecarlate la Cie in the 2022 edition of the festival. The question of gender inequality is nothing new. This is why the company shined a spotlight on 5 influential women who have been excluded from Belgian history.

With the help of archives, they produced a synthesis of a century of feminism in the form of 5 plays.

Milva was present at the project rehearsals to document it photographically. This documentation ended up in a 7-day exhibition during the festival.

More about the project: : Volets 123 · Volets 45


Photos credits : Milva Ghenda · Site web · @mimidynamite

The ones that matter

FAME, is of course a performing arts festival, but above all, it is a dialogue and an adelphity* representing the bridge between a multitude of people and projects. These people work all year round, are not always accommodated or considered, often work for long hours, are poorly paid… however, their work often leads to the betterment of society and individual lives; those of women, queer people, POC, those with disabilities, those of people in precarious situations, those on the margins of society.
We would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to these people for their work, for their daily contribution to society and for the trust that you have placed in FAME.

Thank you.

Adelphity*: The neutral synonym for sorority and fraternity.

To the collectives who work relentlessly every day.

AICT | Anotherlight asbl | Armée du salut | Article 27 | Comité des femmes sans papiers | Crabe Collective | Ding Ding Dong | Écarlate La Compagnie | L’Hospitalière | Osmose | Radio Panik | La Salve | Service Culture Cinématographique (SCC) asbl | Sisterhood | Syndicat des Immenses | Tulitu | Vulcana | QREw

To those who feed both your minds and your eyes.

Bij Ons | Cobéa | Kidnap Your Designer | Janine Brasserie · Boulangerie | Milva Ghenda | Murielle Lo | Niall Plumb | Nimuel Gamboa | Samy Soussi | Super Fourchette | Suzanne Clerdin

To those who have made FAME accessible and sustainable.

Babel subtitles | Bibliothèque des Riches-Claires | Cyclo | Groupe One | La Ligue des Familles | PAF

And to the spaces that have placed their trust in us.

Bellone | Bronks | Cinematek | C12 | KVS | Maison du Roi - Brussels City Museum | La Mercerie | Montagne Magique | Musée de la Mode et de la Dentelle | Riches-Claires | Tour à Plomb


Aliette Griz


Relations and encounters facilities

Anna Lits


Relations and encounters facilities

Camille Khoury


Artistic Direction

Dorothée Dassy


Financial and Administrative officer

Effir Libilbéhéty


Press & Communication

Joëlle Reyns


Technical Coordination

Laetitia Miranda-Neri


Production Director

Louise Calvo


Intern Production & Administration

Réianne Ismaili


Intern Press & Communication

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