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Curated by la Voix des Sans Papiers de Bruxelles and le Comité des Femmes Sans Papiers.


24.09.23 | 16h
Français - Wolof - Soninké - Pulaar - Arabic - English…
For all ages and those with a voice to be heard.

Duration: 3

Place: Riches-Claires

Writing workshop co-hosted by poetry slammers from the Voix des sans papiers de Bruxelles and allies. 

This workshop invites people who have experienced one or more of the events from the week’s FAME festival to come and write, in the language of the heart, about their experience of a performance, talk, a moment off-camera in the form of a song, haiku, poem, slogan etc…

Words can be written collectively, individually, simply or with complexity.

The open mic will feature readings accompanied by musician with and without papers.

Followed by an open stage, which closes the festival.

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