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Edito 2022

From the 19th to the 24th September 2022, FAME will host its very first event!

This occasion wouldn’t be complete without a theme. The first theme will be Ouverture(s) or “Opening(s)”. In French, ouverture(s) also translates as openness. In the plural form, it references the opening of our programme in space and time, but also the notion of opening up the mind to the plurality of bodies, ages, subjectivities, narratives and imaginations

The programme features both international and Belgian artists, French and Dutch-speaking companies, and consists in performances of emergent and established artists.

The concept of « openness » also represents the desire not to have distill the different perspectives on what is “real” to a single worldview, nor to limit others to one single subjectivity, or fixed and definitive identity. Opening is the multiplying of points of view, positions and opinions

To open means not to force women and gender minorities to speak of their lives, experiences and identities, but to challenge oneself to understand the world through their eyes and their creations.

For this reason, FAME has created 5 different pathways along which one can meander and explore the festival. These pathways do not have boundaries, nor strict entry or exit points. They are flexible, interconnected and reflect the paths you can walk to arrive at the shows, workshops, conferences... These are:

1 | Arts and Female Heritage
2 | Arts and Bodies
3 | Arts and Systems of exploitation (gender, society, colonialism)
4 | Arts and Non-human beings
5 | Arts and Queerness

Through the idea of the creation of dialogue between feminism and the arts (the ambition of this festival), each path is inspired by the lines of questioning that impassion and agitate contemporary feminists: material feminism, decolonization, queerness, eco-feminism, pro-sex feminism, transfeminism etc.


Fame is an acronym that spells out: Festival where Arts Meet Empowerment. As such, you are probably wondering just why there is no “where” in the acronym. In fact, the "where" has been turned into a symbol of the intersections of this festival, the ebb and flow of the audience. Come and discover the #wheree project for yourself.


FAME is guided by a series of verbs that shape our relationships with artists, audiences, and each other.



To contribute to the visibility, dissemination, and the production of work by female artists and gender minorities


To contribute to the dissemination and production of knowledge on the dialogue between arts and feminism


To offer an aesthetically interesting and engaging space for discovery


To provide some emancipatory tools for women and gender minorities to use in the cultural sector


To create a space for knowledge transmission and learning about the contributions of feminism to the public sphere


To contribute to the dissemination of new imaginal worlds which are both more inclusive and more equal


Since 2015, there has been an awareness toward gender inequality and discrimination in the cultural sector (Weinstein affair, Jan Fabre trial, #meetooththeater movement, creation of the FS movement, etc.). Quantitative and qualitative studies are now underway to continue to shed light on these violences.

In summary, women, gender minorities and even more so people of colour, are present but underrepresented in the cultural sector – both economically and symbolically – see below.

maintaining a glass ceiling of upward social mobility for women, gender minorities and people of colour

· Less present in places of power, in theater management, in tenured teaching positions in art schools
· Have shorter and more precarious careers
· Have fewer financial means to create and are not institutionally supported to the same level as cisgender men.

helps to serve as a model to determine social behavior and to perpetuate discrimination

· Often only have access to less complex and subordinate roles
· Gender norms and beauty standards continue to determine casting
· Women’s characters are often stereotyped, and differences can be seen in relation to the roles of women of colour versus those of white women.

The creation of FAME · Festival where Arts Meet Empowerment · is intended to support the work of these artists. It has a programme that aims to propose an alternative way of looking at the world, challenging us to reimagine things in a fairer and more inclusive way.
The creation of FAME is the initiative of Delphine Houba, the councillor for culture in the city of Brussels. She intends to contribute to equality in the cultural sector.

Here are different resources to raise awareness about the invisibility of women, gender minorities and POC in the cultural milieu:


Camille Khoury


Artistic Direction

Laetitia Miranda-Neri


Direction de Production

Dorothée Dassy


Financial and Administrative officer

Effir Libilbéhéty


Press & Communication

Aliette Griz


Chargé·e de dispositifs de relations et de rencontres

Anna Lits

Anna Lits


Relations and encounters facilities

Joëlle Reyns


Technical Coordination

Réianne Ismaili


Intern Press & Communication

Louise Calvo


Intern Production & Administration


We would like to warmly thank all our financial partners that facilitated the organisation of this festival. We also thank the various venues that welcomed FAME 2022, for their trust and support for this first edition.

An initiative of Delphine Houba, Alderman for Culture of the City of Brussels
With the support of Faouzia Hariche, Alderman for Public Education, Youth and Human Resources of the City of Brussels, of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the National Lottery
In collaboration with

Finally, FAME would not be able to take place without the help and the presence of the Brussels associations. Whether through partnerships or the parallel programming of #where. We thank you for your dedication and commitment.

Alice Rivières · Anotherlight asbl · Armée du salut · Aslan Borek · Babel subtitles · Barbara Métais-Chastanier · Bartolomeo de la Punzina · Benoît Lavalard · Bibliothèque des Riches-Claires · Bij Ons · Bru·X·elles · Camille Circlude · Camille Husson · Capucine Berthon · Catherine Tabard · Centre Amazone · Christine Aventin · Comité des femmes sans papiers · Cyclo · Écarlate La Compagnie · Ding Ding Dong · Elsa Poisot · Enz@ · Eric De Staercke · Esther Poch · Fleur Courtois · Gilles Jacinto · Groupe One · Gwendal Raymond · Journée du Matrimoine · Kelly Furtado · La Salve · Léa Vandooren · La Ligue des Familles · Lili Deplus · Madame Keïta · Maria Kakogianni · Marie Vaiana · Marthe Degaille · la Mercerie · Miriam Youssef · Muriel Plana · Murielle Lô · Niall Plumb · Nim Gamboa · Osmose · PAF · Pascale Barret · QREw · Radio Panik · Sébastien Schmit · Service Culture Cinématographique asbl · Sina Kienou · Sisterhood · Soledad Kalza · Stéphanie Gilard · Suzanne Cleerdin · Super Fourchette · Syndicat des Immenses · Tashweesh Festival · Tulitu · Valérie Enderlé · Vulcana · yamina el atlassi · Zabou Thelen

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