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General contact

Ticketing, prices, technical problems with purchasing at 04 74 30 96 81 or

Information on the scheduled artists or to share your work


The #where is at maximum 10-minute walk from most other venues. Its bar is open every day from 5 pm to 10:30 pm.

    Conscious pricing

    Per show:

    Reduced price

    Tntermediate price

    Support price

    KIN Pass
    1 adult + 1 child (-15 yo) | 2 shows

    FAME Pass
    individual | for the entire programme (except for the exhibitions and the closing night)

    FAME has a tiered, conscious pricing policy. This means that everyone pays what they can afford to pay – without the need for justification. This way, everyone can make an informed decision about the price that they deem fair, that they can afford.

    The Kidorama and Over to women artists exhibitions are not included in the festival fees!


    The programme in the #where, the lectures, debates and workshops. These activities can be booked from the ticket office for free.

    Purchases can be made
    on the online ticketing service
    by telephone: 04 74 30 96 81 (between 2pm and 5pm)
    and at the theaters 1 hour before the shows

    Tickets should be booked before the day of the performance. For any request or problem – please contact


    If you don't have a solution to keep the children in your care but you want to see a show in the evening, FAME offers two solutions :

    At FAME

    Every evening during the festival (from September 19th to 24th) from 6pm to 10pm, a daycare will be set up in the youth section of the Riches-Claires library (rue des Riches Claires, 24).
    Registration is required.
    The daycare is free.

    The childcare will take place in the youth section of the Riches-Claires library : you just have to register your children, then drop them off at the entrance of the library and pick them up before 10pm. The children will be able to read and borrow books if they wish.

    Important :
    - We can welcome up to 12 children per evening, from 4 years old*
    - We ask you to bring the meal of the child
    - To borrow books (via the automated lending terminal) the biblio pass (reader's card) is required.
    Registration is possible in all French-speaking public libraries in the Brussels Capital Region.

    Everything is free up to the age of 18 and the loan is granted for a period of three weeks, renewable twice.

    More info here.

    *Please contact us for any specific requests concerning children.

    At home

    You can also have the children babysat at home with the Family League's Happy Sitting service.
    The FAME promo code allows you to subscribe to their services for 1€ for the 1st month. Then, their basic rate is set at 8€ per hour.
    It also offers a service for the care of children with disabilities.  After that, you can continue your subscription (5,5€ per month) or not.

    The League is a network of trained and insured babysitters, and a professional team that supervises the services, provides training and accompanies parents and babysitters. The organization is a political advocate to create a society more responsive to the needs of parents.

    This membership gives access to the other services of the Ligue des Famille. These include : childcare ; subscription to the Ligueur (magazine) ; support for parenthood ; monthly accompaniment until the child is 3 years old ; local activities (workshops, exchanges, flea markets or conferences) ; discounts (transport, etc.).


    The following symbols are displayed alongside the events concerned to help you to identify the different locations and their constraints:

    Audio description

    Strobe lights



    Young audience

    Reduced mobility access

    Sound amplifier

    Free access


    If you have any doubts or specific requirements, questions or needs, please do not hesitate to contact the FAME team. We will find a way to accommodate you.


    FAME aims to create a safe and inclusive space. On one hand, a free programme is displayed at the #where. They’re curated by several collectives that are actively engaged into the festival’ themes. You can find the participatives animations and the free events which are set up in the #where. More information about this schedule through the “Carte Blanche” filter on the search tool.

    On the other, the FAME team have been working in the following areas:


    FAME operates a zero-tolerance policy towards all types of violence and discrimination.

    If you need support, or wish to report an incident, you can go to the FAME team, recognisable by their badge, or to the Help Desk in C12 for the closing party.

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