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Hérit’âges and Transmissions

Amour & Sagesse (À travers les Arts ! asbl · Senior service of the commune of Forest)

Discussion Panel

20.09.23 | 14h

Duration: 2h

Place: Bellone

Amour et Sagesse magazine and the Service Seniors de la Commune de Forest invite you to an intimate and informal discussion, exploring the profound value of intergenerational cooperation in our society.

The wealth of experiences, perspectives and knowledge of every age can be a priceless treasure when shared. Through informal and open conversations, “Hérit’ ges et Transmissions” offers a space to address cooperation between the ages and old age in Belgium. It’s an opportunity to dive into thoughtful and constructive dialogues about how different generations can work together harmoniously to strengthen the social fabric and contribute to personal growth. This experience encourages active exchange where everyone can help shape the conversation. Your unique experiences, varied worldviews and specific knowledge can intertwine to create a rich and stimulating intergenerational fabric.

Join us for a dynamic and enriching experience where sharing and connection transcend generational barriers. This activity will be followed by a Thé Dansant, hosted by the duo Requin Sequin, allowing everyone to chat with our bodies too. An opportunity for open dialogue, mutual learning and celebration of the age diversity within our community.

Followed by a thé dansant.

Amour et Sagesse (Love and Wisdom) · The magazine

À travers les Arts !
The association À travers les Arts ! asbl was born out of a desire to offer dynamic cultural activities to the elderly and enable them to remain active and continue to build local social networks. Seniors have a wealth of knowledge that they are keen to pass on to the younger generations. We encourage them to share their vision of the world and to express themselves through artistic activities. Together we will fight ageism.
Senior service of the commune of Forest
Site · A key partner of the À travers les arts! association for the magazine Amount & Sagesse (Love and Wisdom), this service aims to serve as a place of expression, open and accessible to all. Its programme of activities encourages its members to remain active citizens and features intergenerational meetings between the inhabitants of Forest.
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