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2nd edition
18 — 24.09.2023


What is transferred on by conscious or unconscious succession.


What is transmitted/chosen, the act of passing something on to someone and the result of that act

1 ·
Tales of Struggle

The place of women and minorities (gender, racial, socio-economic) in the history of struggle.

2 ·
Re/construct the myths

Non-western mythologies and super-hero·ines and their communities both visible and invisible.

3 ·
Dis/inherit systems of oppression

What can be kept from a misogynistic, patriarchal, colonial, ableist, sexist, racist, bourgeois past?

4 ·
Minorities’ memories

Tales and archives of cultures and movements organised by members of the queer, gay, lesbian, sex worker, punk, drag, etc, communities.

What is FAME?

FAME is a performing arts festival which highlights art produced by women and gender minorities.
A space designed in direct discourse with feminist, queer and decolonial struggles.
It is theater, circus, dance, concerts, conferences, discussions, workshops, video games, films.
All intending to multiply the ways we can meet.
These are creations born in Belgium or abroad, featuring cultures with a S.

Open to all

FAME tries to create an accessible and comfortable environment for all. You can find the following stickers throughout the programme which indicate the accessibility measures that have been put in place:

Accessible to people who are blind or have low vision

Strobe lights




Reduced mobility access

Sound amplifier

Free access



Quiet space available

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