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3rd edition
20 — 28 september

FAME is a performing arts festival which highlights art produced by women and gender minorities.
A space designed in direct discourse with feminist, queer and decolonial struggles.
These are creations born in Belgium or abroad.
It is theater-circus-dance-concerts-conferences-discussions-workshops-video games-films, all intending to multiply the ways we can meet.

Words from the Alderwoman for Culture, Tourism and Major Events of the City of Brussels

It's off to the 3rd edition of the FAME Festival, the event that puts the spotlight on the work of women and gender minorities in the performing arts! Workshops, concerts, shows, discussions... from 20 to 28 September, discover new ways of looking at things, explore emancipating imaginary worlds, take part in caring discussions and let yourself be carried away by innovative stories. By supporting this festival, the City of Brussels is committed to creating a shared cultural heritage that is more inclusive, parity-based and diverse. We look forward to seeing you in September for this not-to-be-missed event on the Brussels cultural calendar!

edito 24 · Futur·es

At a time when the thermometer is climbs ever higher, when climate disasters are becoming increasingly frequent, where the rise of Western nationalism and wars raging on our doorsteps are accompanied by the cries of desperation. Abortion rights and gender transitions face impending doom, and the destructive capacity of the imperialist powers can be worldwide in Palestine, Sudan, Congo, Kanaky, and China. We are living in a time when the United Nations is denounces crimes against humanity committed in Gaza as “extermination, murder, gendered targeting of men and boys, forced displacement, torture, cruel and inhumane treatment”. At a time when the notion of closed European borders closing has stopped shocking us. The borders between humans. The borders between us… Indeed, not only does the present looks bleak, but it looks downright terrifying.

But fear often leads to paralysis, to astonishment, to sedation and the situation is dire. Understanding what kind of future we want is imperative to this fight. We need to find the strength to act, and we need to collaborate in imagining a future that goes beyond the cacophony of the present. Contemporary politics in mind, what kind of future do we want to design? How do the identity politics of the present map onto or take control of our bodies and expression? How can alternate futures be narrated? How might we work towards a utopia?

FAME is all about rhizomes and unconventional trajectories. For this reason, Futur·es is divided into three paths.

▞ Politics of the Future

While politics is broadly the study of power relations between human groups, there are many relations of power and domination that we’d like to see come to an end. If you’re interested in these issues, follow the thread!

𖦹 Bodies of the Future

Our bodies are the subjects of and subject to politics, our bodies are also used to generate the seeds of our emancipation. Let’s explore what utopia means for the body.

✧ Fictions of the Future

Science-fiction, utopia, dystopia, uchronia… Fiction has long explored the future to make us think about the threads that weave the present. Let’s explore the imagination!


2025 applications

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Open to all

FAME tries to create an accessible and comfortable environment for all. You can find the following stickers throughout the programme which indicate the accessibility measures that have been put in place:

Accessible to people who are blind or have low vision

Strobe lights




Reduced mobility access

Sound amplifier

Free access



Quiet space available

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