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FAME is a multidisciplinary performing arts festival that seeks to encourage the discovery of new imaginary worlds that are more inclusive and more equal. This is achieved through the various artistic works and reflections of women and gender minorities.

From the 19th to the 24th September 2022, FAME will host its very first event!

This occasion wouldn’t be complete without a theme. The first theme will be Ouverture(s) or “Opening(s)”. In French, ouverture(s) also translates as openness. In the plural form, it references the opening of our programme in space and time, but also the notion of opening up the mind to the plurality of bodies, ages, subjectivities, narratives and imaginations.

Call for volunteers!

Want to be part of the adventure? You can be an angel, a paparazzi or a cargo bike driver... And many other things!


This is not a feminist festival.

This festival doesn’t pretend to be a substitute to the sociopolitical fights that have contributed to advances in women rights and those of gender minorities in the struggle for justice and equality. This is an arts festival, but also a festival for reflection, games, discovery.

Dnd joy too.

The function of artists is not necessarily to educate, to cultivate, to make people more intelligent or less stupid… though this can indeed happen. Artists are individuals who simply create art. Whether they are full-time or part-time; artists on weekends, on Sundays, one day a month or even once a year, they nevertheless contribute to our imaginary worlds.
Some of these worlds are more egalitarian or more inclusive than others and it is these that we want to share with you.

As stated above, this is not a feminist festival.

This is a festival that is feminist in its conception, its creation and in dialogue with feminists.

It is a festival that values and promotes the work and creations of female and gender minority artists, people of colour, white people, cis and trans, non-binary people, homeless people, those with or without savings, those with or without disabilities, lesbians, heterosexuals, bisexuals, those with or without families, those who are visible and invisible, professionals or amateurs and those from the present, past or future…

In the broad and troubled sense.

You do not need to say that you are, nor actually be a feminist to explore this space, but our theme is Ouverture for a reason, and we hope that you already understand that women and gender minorities have a legitimate existence and place in this world.
Come to the festival alone or with your chosen family, with your friends, children, grandparents… You will find a space for everyone and anyone.

Transparently, we have many spaces,
and our doors are wide open.

Open to everyone

The festival is committed to providing a safe and accessible space for all visitor·ess.

Audio description

Strobe lights



Young audience

Reduced mobility access

Sound amplifier

Free access


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