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Donna Haraway : Story telling for earthy survival

Fabrizio Terranova


Tuesday 20 Sept | 7pm | ENG | Subtitles FR/NL

Duration: 1h45

Place: Cinematek

Donna Haraway, a distinguished philosopher, primatologist and feminist, shakes up the social sciences and contemporary philosophy and interconnects strongly theory and fiction.

The screening will be followed by a discussion between the director, Fabrizio Terranova, and Fleur Courtois, doctor of philosophy and French translator of Deborah Bird Rose and Donna Haraway.

Donna Haraway is known since the 1980s for her important work on identity, cyborgs or even her dog Cayenne; she pulls herself away from hegemonic interpretations of nature and science. She turns away from human exceptionalism and works to intertwine a world teeming with connections between humans, machines, animals, plants, living and nonliving. Her relationship and conversations with the director Fabrizio Terranova are shown in the movie, taking us to her place in California, and to a world where there’s a blur limit between science fiction and reality.

BE, FR · 2016 · color · 81′
In partnership with SCC ASBL.

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