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“Where” is the only word missing from the FAME acronym: Festival where Arts Meet Empowerment.

The #where is thus the space where the audience, artists, critics, etc. can meet or cross each other. Spaces in which partnerships are born and come to life. Both a physical space (the centre of the festival) installed on the Plaine de Jeux Quai à la Houille, and an approach which is embodied in multiple places where other types of meetings take place. The #where is a word that links all individual and collective efforts together.

The project

The #where is a project of festival mediation. It invites audiences to reflect and participate as they see fit. In line with the values of the festival, it represents a hybrid space where individuals are invited to get involved. Like this, collective discourse can take place.

The #where also has a programme of its own. It houses workshops (DiscoBiotes by Pascale Barret, Marche enquête by Barbara Métais-Chastanier, and an initiative by the Saucisse club (Christine Aventin, Alice Rivières) etc.).

Where is it?

In the public space of the festival. A tent hosts a free artistic programme, a bar allows you to unwind in between shows, meet other members of the audience and greet or welcome passers-by. There is also the FAME garden, where you can lounge in the sun, take part in activities, drink, eat, socialise, or rest.

Under the tent, free reign is given to local collectives that are working on feminist, decolonial and queer issues (Comité des Femmes Sans Papiers - QREw · SisterHood · Vulcana).

There will also be concerts (Sing out Brussels · Soledad Kalza and Sina Kienou · Patshiva Cie) and discussions (Soirée d’ouverture(s) · Syndicat des Immenses).

And then a bar, a catering, relaxation spaces and toilets.

#where in practice

Center of the FAME

Plaine du Quai à la Houille
1000 Brussels

5pm - 10:30pm

metro 1, 2, 5, 6 · Sainte-Catherine, Yser

tram 3, 4, 51 · Bourse, Porte de Flandre

bus 29, 33, 46, 71, 89 · Bourse, De Brouckère

The love ones

FAME is a performing arts festival, but it is above all a dialogue and an adelphity with a multitude of people and projects. These people work all year long, often with exhausting conditions, poorly paid, poorly valued. And yet, they are the ones who improve our lives, those of women, queers, racialized people, people in precarious situations. So, thank you to all those behind the FAME edition 2022 :

Collectives that work tirelessly every day of the year

AICT | Anotherlight asbl | Crabe Collective | Ding Ding Dong | Écarlate La Compagnie | L’Hospitalière | Radio Panik | La Salve | Service Culture Cinématographique asbl | Sisterhood | Syndicat des Immenses | Tulitu | Vulcana | QREw

Those who feed both your taste buds and your eyes

Aslan Borek | Bij Ons | Cobéa | Kidnap Your Designer | Janine Brasserie · Boulangerie | Super Fourchette

Those who have contributed to the accessibility (auditory, visual); the babysitting and the sustainable growth of FAME

Armée du salut | Article 27 | Babel subtitles | Bibliothèque des Riches-Claires | Comité des femmes sans papiers | Cyclo | Groupe One | La Ligue des Familles | Osmose | PAF

And the places that trusted us in this first edition

Bellone | Cinematek | C12 | KVS | Maison du Roi - Brussels City Museum | La Mercerie | Montagne Magique | Musée de la Mode et de la Dentelle | Riches-Claires | Tour à Plomb

We <3 you

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