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“Where” is the word that is missing from the FAME acronym: Festival where Arts Meet Empowerment.

The #where thus represents all the spaces that the audience, spectators, artists, researchers, activists, associations, etc, are brought together. They are spaces where partnerships can be forged.

The #where is both a physical location, but also a process which is embodied in a variety of spaces where encounters take place. It is the festival art outreach with its own programme and line-up where the audience is invited to reflect on what it means to participate. It is an attempt to create a collective discourse that brings together self-reflection and observation. The #where gives place and voice to the audience, by opening spaces for criticism and expression, something very much in line with the ethos of the festival.

The #where is ultimately the beating heart of the festival. It has an artistic programme that is free, a bar for relaxation between shows and a chance to meet and engage with the other participants. It can be considered the FAME garden in which you can take part in activities, drink, eat, socialise, rest, and bask in the sun.

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