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“Where” is the only word missing from the FAME acronym: Festival where Arts Meet Empowerment.

We called where the spaces where the audience, artists, critics, activists, organizations. can meet or cross each other. Spaces in which partnerships are born and come to life.
where is both a physical space and an approach that links all individual and collective efforts together.

Thus, where is the festival's mediation project. It invites artists to intersect with audiences, in their own way. An attempt to invent together discourses capable of hybridization through encounter. The where gives spectators a place and a voice, opening up spaces for criticism and open speech. It aims to nurture each other commitment.

The where is also a place, the center of the festival. It hosts a free artistic program, room to play video games or read a book and a bar. It's a bit like the FAME garden, where you can take a break between two shows, meet up, reshape the world on a piece of sidewalk or escape the city's hustle and bustle.

Where ?

Festival Centre
Rue des Riches-Claires 24, 1000 Bruxelles


Lost in the programme? The where team has concocted 6 themed itineraries to help you navigate the various shows, activities, and other events.


FAME, is of course a performing arts festival, but above all, it is a dialogue and an adelphity* representing the bridge between a multitude of people and projects. These people work all year round, are not always accommodated or considered, often work for long hours, are poorly paid… however, their work often leads to the betterment of society and individual lives; those of women, queer people, POC, those with disabilities, those of people in precarious situations, those on the margins of society.
We would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to these people for their work, for their daily contribution to society and for the trust that you have placed in FAME. Thank you.

Adelphity*: The neutral synonym for sorority and fraternity.

To the collectives and artists who work relentlessly every day

À Travers les Arts | Agrupación Señor Serrano | Alexandra Dols | Aliette Griz | Amour & Sagesse | Anaïs Berck | Angela Washko | Anya Johanna DeNiro | Astrid Vandercamere | Aurélie Olivier | Bamko | Baraka Grafika | Barakaking | Bintou Touré | Blanket La Goulue | Bruxelles Nous Appartient BNA-BBOT | Bye Bye Binary | Cie Les Philosophes Barbares | Comité des Femmes Sans Papiers | Compagnie Les Tenaces | Collectif Mémoire Coloniale et Lutte Contre les Discriminations | Compagnie Espèces De… | Dicklan | Dulce de MalaLeche | Écarlate la Compagnie | Femmeboyant | Hot Bodies Of The Future | Jacinthe Mazzocchetti | Joëlle Sambi | Jordan Roger barré | Juliette Mogenet | King Baxter | La Morrigasme | La Salve | La Voix des Sans Papiers de Bruxelles | Le Monde de Jahi | Les Écoles Supérieures d’Arts Saint-Luc & ERG | Les Séniors du Manguier en Fleurs | Lisette Lombé | Lotte Dodion | Mai Hua | Maison Poème | Mariam Diallo | Médor | Mélina Ghorafi | Merhaba | Meriem Dziri | Milady Renoir | Miriam Youssef | Myriam Van Imschoot | Nevine Gerits | Olivia Molnár et Aldwin Raoul | Paula Roid | Pleurer Dans’ Douche | Plurivers’Elles | Poetik Bazaar | Raïssa Yowali | Réhab Mehal | Rose Gigot | Selim-a Attalah Chettaoui | Service Culture Cinématographique (SCC) asbl | Taylor McCue | Terata Mamé (τερατά μαμέ) | VSP Bruxelles | VSP Liège | Wetsi Art Gallery | Xéno- | Yasmine Wardi Akrimi | YouYou Group

To those who feed both your minds, mouths and eyes

Biblithèque des Riches-Claires | Bye Bye Binary | Candice Daoud | Cobéa | erg · ESA St Luc · Kidnap Your Designer | Kinkajou | Librairie Tulitu | Librairie Météores | Librairie Poëtini | Ludmila Kourline | Médor | MuntPunt | Niall Plumb | Samy Soussi | Super Fourchette

To those who have made FAME accessible and sustainable

Access-I | Article 27 | Babel Subtitling | Bibliothèque des Riches-Claires | Esenca | Cyclo | Osmose

And to the spaces that have placed their trust in us

Bellone | Beursschouwburg | CC Bruegel | Cinematek | C12 | Espace Magh | Montagne Magique | Riches-Claires | Tour à Plomb

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