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Feminist gaze

Fanny Minguet (SCC ASBL) | Flore Mercier, Sophie Breyer (Anotherlight ASBL)


Saturday 24 Sept | 2pm | FR

Duration: 4h

Place: Riches-Claires

“Feminist gaze” workshop puts forward ways to tear apart dominant male gaze in cinema

This, in order to give birth to women and other gender minorities narratives, and to show experiences usually neglected and misrepresented in movies. A 4-hour workshop to raise awareness around creation, poetry making from a political reading of the footages, through guided research, where you can dare to express and embody a new feminist gaze. No skills needed. The workshop combines theory + movie extracts and a short movie screening, followed by a debate with the director + exercises to create footage. A smartphone is required for the shooting, if you don’t have any, reach out to our team!
On registration.

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