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Gwendal Raymond | Gilles Jacinto


Thursday 22 Sept | 7pm | FR/ENG/Breton | Audiodescription FR
Friday 23 Sept | 8:30pm | FR/ENG/Breton

Duration: 45min

Place: Riches-Claires

According to Breton oral tradition, the “gwerzioù” or folk songs often reference tragic stories.

They move from one territory to another, are passed on from voice to voice, adapting to the will of the interpreters who claim them. In this vein, Gwendal Ryamond and Gilles Jacinto explore the unforgettable performance of Marylin Monroe at the birthday of JFK. They rapidly depart this to introduce an imaginal world with rich influences. Mixing the gwerzioù with a drag aesthetic and the plastic beauty of cross-dressing, superimposed flesh, shadow, voices from beyond the grave and lip-syncing, allows this Gwerz solo to reinterpret the modern love story of death and fate. Playing with the transformative power of the image, the young dancer’s composition toys with the mysterious power of incarnation.

Distribution and credits
BY Gwendal Raymond & Gilles Jacinto | INTERPRETATION Gwendal Raymond
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