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KillJoy Quiz

Luanda Casella | NTGent


Thursday 22 Sept | 8pm | ENG
Friday 23 Sept | 8pm | ENG

Duration: 1h40

Place: KVS

A killjoy is a person who deliberately spoils the enjoyment of others. In this creation, Luanda Casella uses Sara Ahmed's concept of the killjoy figure as someone who is ready to denounce violence, even when that requires creating discomfort.

Participants answer questions. Points are handed out. But what is the meaning of winning a quiz? One might know things abut the world, but not necessarily understand the complexities behind the facts one knows.
KillJoy Quiz subverts the idea of scoring points on knowledge by proposing a game where learning how to enter into dialogue is the ultimate goal. Words are powerful and eloquence is a weapon. The cunning multiple choice questions in this production will mercilessly expose a number of our preconceptions.
The performance of Thursday 22 is followed by a after-show talk hosted by yamina el atlassi. More information below.

CONCEPT, DIRECTION & TEXT Luanda Casella | LANGUAGE Yolanda Mpélé, Lindah Nyirenda | SINGING Maïmouna Rachels, Helena Casella, Timia van der Lindan | COACHING @ CHOREOGRAPHY Lucius Romeo-Fromm | DRAMATURGY Sébastien Hendrickx | LIGHT DESIGN Dennis Diels | SCENOGRAPHY Felix Fasolt | COMPOSITION Pablo Casella | GRAPHIC DESIGN & TYPSETTING Kahil Janssens | PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT greet Prové | TECHNICAL TEAM PRODUCTION Pieter Nys | TECHNICAL SUPPORT Jan van Ooteghem | SET REALISATION Decoratelier, NTGent, Felix Fasolt | REALISATION COSTUMES Kostuumatelier NTGent
PRODUCTION NTGent | COPRODUCTION Workspacebrussels, De Grote post | SUPPORT The Belgian tax Shelter, De Vlaamse Overheid | THANKS TO Dan Vandevoorde / X-treme Creations.
After show talk
The performance of KillJoy Quiz will be followed by a meeting hosted by yamina el atlassi. yamina is an activist in the cultural field, she is also an advisor on inclusion, diversity and representativeness. She is multi-skilled : from strategic consulting, being present for boards of directors and committees, hosting and presenting conferences, festivals and radio programs, as well as curating and performing for artistic collaborations.
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