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Let’s talk about sex

Camille Husson


Saturday 24 Sept | 10am | FR

Duration: 4h

Place: KVS

Writing workshop about the show SexPlay: Our panthers our jewels, by Camille Husson.

Camille Husson hosts the workshop “Let’s talk about sex” , reffering to her show SexPlay: our panthers our jewels. The participants are invited to discover autofictional writing, inspired of their memories of sexual or erotic experiences. Autofiction mixes the real and imaginary world, it allows you to go where you feel like and to tell your story as you wish.

For those who feel like it, you are invited to read your texts in Laura Verheecke’s Hot Lips show on Radio Panik.

On registration.
For the ones that have seen the show.

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