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Mauvaises Herbes (Weeds)

Aldwin Raoul · Olivia Molnár


19.09.23 | 10h
Open to all
On donation

Duration: 1h30

Place: Public space

Botanical themed walk exploring some of the wild plants of Brussels. The walk will focus on the many bizarre and delightful names of these plants.

A slow, grounded stroll to discover the verdant jewels that hide in plain sight. Those that grow wildly in the cracks in the concrete and in walls. One by one, these jewels are uncovered and revealed, their common names and meanings unveiled.

A walk based on the book “l’Atlas des plantes de mauvaise vie”, published by Hélice Helas.

Olivia Molnár et Aldwin Raoul
Olivia Molnár and Aldwin Raoul are the two authors of the illustrated book l’Atlas des plantes de mauvaise vie, un herbarium of the infra-ordinary.
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