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Darouri Express Collectif | Camille Husson


Wednesday 21 Sept | 7pm | FR
Thursday 22 Sept | 8:30pm | FR | Audiodescription FR

Duration: 1h

Place: Riches-Claires

This fictitious performance showcases, a young woman questions and exposes the sinuous paths of desire.

Based on her carnal experiences since childhood, she elucidates her flaws and boundaries, examining her own behaviour, exploring her fears and her erotic drifts, both positive and negative. In these attempts to reclaim and appropriate her sexuality, she discovers a new biome of freedom which demonstrates how one can remain curious whilst straddling the line between pleasure and danger. She invites us to liberate the senses, to re-examine our evidence and to question our own capacity for erotic imagination. This allows us to see that our representations of sexuality often include the same scenarios, features, or the same sexual universe. The stigma of the words deviance and perversion need to be recalibrated. This leads her to the conclusion that sexual revolution needs more acts of subversion. Despite the connotations of the words deviation, and perversion, deviation from a path ultimately leads to the discovery of others.

CREATED BY AND WITH Camille Husson SOUND David Votre Chazam | VOICE Janine Godinas | LIGHTING Michel Dalvigne | SOUND TECHNICIANS Michael Delvigne and Aurore Leduc | CO-DIRECTOR Marion Lory | DRAMATURGICAL SUPPORT Olivier Hespel | BODY WORK Milton Paulo | ADVISOR Isabelle Bats
PRODUCTION Le Darouri Express Collectif | COPRODUCTION Theatre of Liege | BROADCASTING La Charge de Rhinocéros | SUPPORT FOR CREATION Les Riches-Claires, Bourse SACD, Égalité des Chances FWB, Lookinout, Ad Lib – Résidences au Libitum, L’Ancre-Théâtre Royal (Charleroi), La Chaufferie Acte1, Factory/Festival de Liège, Container, Les Glacières, Le Bamp, Le Delta, Le Marni, La Roseraie, Théâtre Océan Nord, MC de Saint-Gilles
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