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Agrupación Señor Serrano


20.09.23 | 15h
7-12 y.o.

Duration: 1h

Place: Montagne Magique

Greek myths and live scale models are used to question current key issues like gender or the necessity and fairness of violence.

Exclusively for 7 to 12 years old people (no adults).

More than three thousand years ago, a group of women created a society on the shores of the Black Sea. A society formed only by free women, with a community and warrior spirit, willing to defend a different order. The Amazons.
Why did the Amazons believe they needed to create a society without men? Why did male heroes from ancient times reacted aggressively to this alternative society? Is it fair to use violence to defend oneself against attacks? Or must the defence of one’s opinions, the strikes against injustices, always be peaceful? Girls, boys… are we all the same or is there something that makes us different? And… why does the Amazon River bear precisely that name?

​​The show is presented through a clear and very visual language. Moments of narration alternate with live scale models  or interactive map walks. We also encourage an open debate with the children of the audience.

You can download a pedagogical file here.
More: On Facebook · On Vimeo

DRAMATURGY AND DIRECTION Olympus Kids PERFORMER Jofre Carabén MUSIC Roger Costa Vendrell SCALE MODELS Lola Belles PICTURES Leafhopper project MANAGEMENT Art Republic
PRODUCERS Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat, Sala Beckett, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea CondeDuque and Mostra Igualada.
Agrupación Señor Serrano
Amazones is the second episode of the Olympus Kids project. Through a complex, daring and multi-referential look, the project proposes three 55-minutes shows staged through a storyteller handling scale models, action figures, live video cameras and online resources. Amazon is the second episode of the series Prometheus // Amazons // Demeter. Agrupación Señor Serrano is a theatre company based in Barcelona, Spain, that creates original productions about discordant aspects of today’s human experience. Señor Serrano’s shows blend live feed video, scale models, text, performance, sound, and objects. The company productions premiere and tour internationally.
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