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Club P.E.P.S. · Oddity · Jinro

Club P.E.P.S. · Oddity · Jinro


23.09.23 | 21h30

Duration: 3h30

Place: Riches-Claires

Is sex for you: a hobby? a never-ending quest? a dirty word? a hobby? a livelihood? a mirage? Or are you just not interested?

21h30 · Club PEPS
Either way, the P.E.P.S. club welcomes you!
Somewhere between absurdist poetry and contemporary musette, the Pour l’Expansion des Possibles dans ma Sexualité club is an attempt at collective catharsis through music, where Marine and Blanche sing their desires, frustrations and questions, and invite us to open our voices about our sexual practices.

And to keep the party going….

23h · Oddity

Oddity is a Brussels-based DJ with a passion for music, who likes to mix styles with steady rhythms and bewitching beats. Some unforgettable hits brighten up her sets, giving them a festive, unifying dimension.


0h · Jinro

Writing, composition and performance: Marine Mechri and Blanche Tirtiaux Dramaturgy: Nil Dinç Outside view: Olivier Mahiant Writing accompaniment: Silvia Guerra Set design: Alicia Jeannin Technical: Edith Herregods Graphic design: Klär graphics
A Kopanica asbl project co-produced by Latitude 50 - Pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue, by the Royal Festival de Spa and by the FWB's Service du Cirque, des Arts forains et de la Rue, with the support of asbl F.A.R.E./festival "Les Tailleurs", CC Wolubilis, CC Archipel 19, and l'Allumette.
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