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Decolonial Guided Tour

Collectif Mémoire Coloniale et Lutte contre les Discriminations (CMCLD)

Guided tourWalk

23 and 24.09.23 | 14h

Duration: 2h

Place: Public space

What is done for us but without us is against us.

Far from being neutral, Belgian public space is one of the tools used at the CMCLD (Colonial Memory and Fight against Discrimination Collective) to achieve our objectives. Colonial propaganda can be seen in street names, buildings, monuments, and commemorative plaques all over Belgium. This public space allows us first to reconstruct the history of Belgian colonisation.

Pointing the finger before the deconstruction of colonial propaganda is still very much present in the collective unconscious and the overall aim of our practice is to encourage participants to understand and question our society and the relationships of domination that exist within.

These guided tours become lenses which permit the reading and thus interpretation of the past to understand the present and aid in the construction of the future of our society.

Natrimony · Decolonizing the public sphere: a debate that requires refocusing (fr)

Over the course of the last 10 years, CMCLD has developed more than 20 decolonial tour routes in Belgium. CMCLD is a decolonial movement in permanent struggle to decolonise society which is done by: 1· Building a reconciled memory based on an objective history in which all citizens can find themselves. 2· Facing up to its colonial past and working on it on an ongoing basis. 3· Freeing it from racism and anti-black sentiments. 4· Ridding it of the stereotypes and prejudices that lead to discrimination. 5· Freeing it from oligarchic and imperialist economic exploitation leading to competition. between the poor and the resulting racism 6· Liberating it from the colonial management of society that not only ranks citizens but also encourages competition.
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