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La fille du Sacrifice (The daughter of Sacrifice)

Réhab Mehal


21 and 22.09.23 | 20h

Duration: 1h40

Place: Espace Magh

Ibra begins an inquiry into the origins of belief. This path brings her to identify, deconstruct, and reconstruct what she thinks she knows about her religion and her culture.

While visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Ibra incidentally stumbles upon one of Caravaggio’s masterpieces, “The sacrifice of Isaac”. For this pious young believer, a great-great-granddaughter of Abraham, this piece is an arrow to the heart.

Seeing this piece triggers her understanding that the words of love common to the three great Abrahamic religions have been systematically perverted by wholly patriarchal religious institutions. Distraught, Ibra starts the process of “de-conversion”.

Little by little, she brings her beliefs into question to uncover the inner source of her spirituality. Liberated from the shackles that have been dictating her fate thus far, she draws on her divine essence from within and regains her independence before embarking on the path of reconversion.

Jerusalem, a city at the confluence of two worlds, plays a crucial role in this process. An intersection of East and West, it embodies the friction between the two poles of its heritage, the two civilisations that constitute its very identity.

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Educational support (fr)

WRITING & STAGING Réhab Mehal STARRING Elisa Firouzfar and Soumaya Hallak STAGING ASSISTANTS Diana David and Jean-Gabriel Vidal-Vandroy GENERAL DIRECTION Gaspard Samyn and Martin Barré Nours GENERAL DIRECTION ON TOUR Martin Barré Nours VIDEO AND LIGHTING Damien Petitot SOUND Eloi Baudimont COSTUMES Fabienne Maingue
PRODUCTION Théâtre Océan Nord CO-PRODUCTION La Coop asbl & Shelter Prod SUPPORT Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – service Théâtre,, ING, Tax-Shelter du gouvernement fédéral belge – Centre des Arts Scéniques – Rideau de Bruxelles – Centre des Écritures Dramatiques-Wallonie- Bruxelles – La Bellone-Maison du Spectacle – Théâtre les Tanneurs – Fabrique de Théâtre – Ad Lib – COCOF (Fonds d’acteurs / Initiation des publics scolaires). Réhab Mehal was awarded a writing grant, Claude Etienne and the SACD project grant. RESIDENCIES AND PARTNERS La Bellone – Théâtre Océan Nord – LIBITUM – La Fabrique de Théâtre – le Grand Sault – Un Festival à Villeréal – le Théâtre de Pierres – le festival Situ – Le Festival Bouillon Cube
Réhab Mehal
Réhab Mehal is an artistic shapeshifter. Committed and multidisciplinary, since her graduation from the Insas in 2010, she has acted in films and on television, and 20+ theatrical productions. Since 2008, she has been interested in the question of origin as it pertains to identity. She has created the triptych “La Réconciliation” which examines multiple identities through the prism of multiculturalism. The self-fiction “El kouds-ma Jerusalem” is the first act, the performance “Sur le Chemin”, the second, and “La fille du Sacrifice” is the final. La Fille du Sacrifice is also published as a book by the editions Les Oiseaux de Nuit.
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