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Des roses et du pain (Roses and Bread)

Espèces De … Company


20.09.23 | 20h
French, Twi, Spanish, Arabic

Duration: 1h

Place: Tour à Plomb

We sometimes call them “housekeepers”, “cleaners”, “helpers”… This is the day that they speak out. What is essential? Who should take care of who? And moreover, who is cleaning the world?

6 female actresses invite you to their table for a very special dinner where the entrée will be playtime, the main course, storytelling, and a fine dessert of physical presence and (over)sharing.

This one-of-a-kind theatrical experience and in front of a friendly audience, they will share their relationship with the notion of “care” through asking the following questions:

What is work? What is essential? Who takes care of whom? Who is responsible for cleaning the world?

Des Roses et du Pain, Roses and Bread, is about their need to finally reveal all the things that they have been keeping quiet for so long. To tell their individual and collective stories for the purpose of transformative emancipation.

Aside from cleaning ladies, they are also nurses, mothers, daughters, dominant and dominated, cooks, sisters at war and the authors of poems about daily life.

They also reflect on power dynamics, the impact of a lack of recognition, security, pain, passion, powerlessness and the intersection between class, race, and globalisation.

STARRING Christiane Joosen, Rita Owusu, Margarita Suarez, Fatima Hanaoui, Béatrice Cue Alvarez, Julie Burg ARTISTIC COLLABORATION & DRAMATURGY Lara Persain, Camille Lefèvre. STAGE DESIGN Marie-Hélène Tromme, Marie Menzaghi COSTUMES Marie-Hélène Tromme SINGING SUPPORT Julie Peyrat. LIGHTING AND TECHNICAL DIRECTION Gabrielle Guy . SOUND Malika El Barkani
PRODUCTION Cie Espèces de… CO-PRODUCTION Arsenic 2 WITH COLLABORATION FROM L’Espace Marexhe de la ville de Herstal and the support of La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, La Région Wallonne, La Province de Liège, La Chaufferie Acte 1, Voix de Femmes, D’une Certaine Gaieté, Solidaris, En Compagnie du Sud.
Compagnie Espèces de…
The Espèces de… theater company is based in Liège that develops artistic projects with the goal of collective and individual emancipation. We are actresses of “cultural democracy”. We work to shine a spotlight on less visible cultures, but also offer insight into them. We are convinced of the urgent need to bridge the gap between the non-profit and cultural sector. We give voice to and create with those who have been forgotten by society. We are the midwives of these voices. We are creators at the service of the representation of those voices, thereby making culture accessible to the greatest number of people. This is done by practising it through theatre workshops and by inviting the participating audiences to become “actors” and thereby active citizens.
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