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Disabled Revolutionary Subjects

Writing workshop

Future bodies

23.09.23 | 14h
Semi-mixity handi·e

Duration: 4h

Place: Bruegel

Fictions about community care.

The aim of this workshop is to question the potential visions and models of accessibility and disability that could exist in the future. Over the course of this day of writing and research, we will explore Sci-Fi texts and those from Disability Studies and write collective narratives around these themes.

What could society look or feel like from the perspective of people with disabilities?
How could questions around autonomy and (in)dependence be addressed? How could we rework and rejig accessibility? What would be the features of a society that does not aim to correct bodies or eradicate disability? How would the roles of people without disabilities change?
Registration is required for this 10-seat mixed-gender workshop with five non-disabled and 5 disabled participants.
Led by Luz de Amor from the feminist Sci-Fi collective La Satellite, and Oblio Pic, a non-binary, disabled activist artist.

For those who cannot physically attend, it is possible to attend the workshop remotely (to take part in the activities, or just listen).
For further details (re: accessibility) or just to let us know about your requirements, please contact us at

Oblio Pic
Oblio is an autistic, non-binary artist whose practice explores issues of autonomy and the struggle for the rights of disabled people. His work oscillates between research and creation, notably through a publishing project that questions the inclusion of disabled artists in the contemporary art scene. He attaches great importance to conveying the collective voice and narratives of a community that is often left on the sidelines. In his previous research, he have also explored queer ecologies and symbiotic inter-species relations through micro-publishing.
La Satellite
La Satellite (Luz de Amor, Marine Forestier, miliesautresart, and Astrid Vandercamere) is a Brussels-based curatorial collective made up of artists, writers, and performers working on intersectional feminisms in contemporary science fiction. Driven by a collective energy to unify, harmonise, or find the middle ground between differing viewpoints, la Satellite aims to orbit different venues and use them as “satellites”, locations where science fiction can extend beyond the literary and cinematographic fields and be seen, listened to, explored, and tasted through original and hybrid artistic proposals. For the past three years, Satellite has operated from a variety of spaces and media to present audiovisual, theatrical and cross-disciplinary events. It uses curation as a tool to raise awareness and build a coherent narrative sensitive to the themes it considers pertinent.
Luz de Amor
Luz de Amor is a writer, therapist and artivist. They are a character, theorist, and performer of fiction. She writes, he self-publishes, prints, and distributes independently. Their artistic practice has developed through writing, nourished by ecofeminism, auto-fiction, sci-fi, and fabulation. These fields interweave to define fictionalised collective identities. the work of Luz de Amor is a vehicle for understanding, and negotiating with their lived experience, what happens around them, and the gaps or encounters between those who partake in their performances and those with whom they share a reality.
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