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He fucked the girl out of me

Taylor McCue

Video game

The whole week

Duration: 35 to 50 minutes

Place: Riches-Claires

A game about trauma and sex work.

He Fucked the Girl out of Me is exactly what you expect from the title, a simple game, yet an impactful experience and a really heavy topic with an interesting story.

This provocative and hugely affecting interactive game tells the story of Ann, a trans person from America, who is forced into sex work to pay for the costs of her hormone replacement therapy – with traumatising consequences.
With its 8-bit retro style, the interactive gameplay uses arrow keys to navigate the story, challenging the player to reflect on the very notion of personal autonomy and the (illusion of) choice : What would my path have been? How would I have decided?

The impact of her bad sexual experience is described in part two, in which Ann uses onscreen text to clearly describe the gamut of emotions it unleashed. We discover just how extensive the sexual trauma is when she explains her descent into depression, and her inability to talk with her mother.

TW Sex Work, Nonconsensual sex, Date rape, Sex/Nudity, Sissification Kink, Transphobia, Deadnaming, Gender Dysphoria, Age Gap, Abuse, Suicidal ideation, Blood

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