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Maria Kakogianni on the release of her book: “Surgeons et autres pousses”

Mylène Lauzon | Emmanuelle Nizou | Équipe de La Bellone


Tuesday 20 Sept | 6:30pm | FR

Duration: 1h

Place: Bellone

Maria Kakogianni on the release of her book: “Surgeons et autres pousses” published by Excès. This book was written and produced by several hands, including Marie Rouzin and Amalia Ramanankirahina. The book is a collection or rather a compendium of short texts and drawings of plants and the worlds that plants inhabit.

Their rhythms, seasons, our duty of care towards them, their healing or poisoning properties, etc. It raises questions about Whether growth requires force, about growing together, about finding alliances, and cultivating associations. What stories or heritage do we have in common? What kind of roots? What migration patterns do we follow? How to can we create common goals?

“We are feminised, precarious, and undeclared work. We are disposable, misshapen, exhausted, and parasitic lives. We are the remains of their indices of performance. We are the questions to all their answers. We are the slippery ground on which the police brutalise and murder. We are the weeds in the patriarchal lawns. What was only pollen then becomes thorny fruit. May it be the same for our creations and our offshoots. May they dance disruptively, may trouble and anger be sown, and may they be eaten carefully at the table with feet unwashed.

Let us surge forth”.

In partnership with the bookshop Tulitu.
At Press Éditions Excès.

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