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Carte blanche

Thursday 22 Sept | 5pm | FR

Duration: 5h

Place: #where

Vulcana is a queer and feminist organization, spotlighting comitted and inclusive art in Brussels.

Carte blanche · Program

5pm – 8pm: participatory exhibition the Care Route.
For its carte blanche, Vulcana wishes to remind the importance of “safe” spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community. The Route of Care will stop in different spaces of everyday life (public, professional, institutional, personal, family, festive, etc.) and will highlight the oppressive situations that queer and gendered people* can be subjected to.
Pedagogical and playful, the route will be outlined with explanatory posters, audio testimonies and small games. A lexicon will also be distributed to the audience for an optimal understanding of this issue that is dear to us:
how to live all together without being oppressive for anyone?

7pm – 8:30pm: writing workshop
around the question “What is a safer space?”
Tour à Plomb · chosen mix : queer and gendered people*
Group departure from the #where to the Tour à Plomb, for participants already there.
Reservations here or on the button at the end of the page.

9-10pm: Stage performances
Lady Boy Jon
around the issue of safer spaces for queer communities

The organization (its members are women, queer and non-binary people* only) aims to promote artists from marginalised groups : women, people from the LGBTQIA+ community, BIPOC, adopted transnational and transracial people, sex workers, people with disabilities, people with reduced mobility, neuro-atypical, etc. We are committed to raise awareness among many different audiences thanks to art and culture, no matter the age, on topics that we believe are essentials. We want to reach a greater inclusivity, towards the following topics: transidentity, decolonialism, feminism, mental and sexual health, the need of "safer" spaces in the nightlife, etc.
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