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Les aliens sont des travelos (Aliens are crossdressers)



21.09.23 | 20h

Duration: 1h30

Place: Riches-Claires

An analysis of crossdressing alien characters from the 90s’ to the present day.

Having conducted extensive theoretical research on queer representation in cartoons, Jordan has discovered that the only male characters who consistently (also) wear female clothes are aliens. Since these extra-terrestrial figures are the product of humour and mockery, their only unifying characteristic proves to be that they are freaks: Les Zinzins de l’espace, Lilo and Stitch, American Dad, the Teletubbies, Les Supers Nanas, etc, are all animated films and series that feature the same queer archetype: The dehumanised. This dehumanisation of LGBTQIA+ people is not the only curse; some production companies even go as far as to portray the sexual and gender minorities as beings that should be feared or even despised.

How is the queer cartoon community dehumanised  and demonised? In this 1.5h lecture, Jordan Roger will present his analysis that confirms the lesson that queer and trans people have gradually internalised throughout their lives: we are aliens.


TW: Colourful cartoon passages ; analysis of discriminatory language, suggested sexual violence.

Jordan Roger
Following his excommunication from his family of Jehovah’s Witnesses a few years prior, Jordan Roger decided to erase his family name. He since has devoted himself to a cult of his own anger. His works which are always political stand in reaction to heteropatriarchy, class inequality, and more generally, question religion, its idols, icons and its stance on the family. To illustrate the irony of these themes, and subvert them from their original connotations, Jordan uses some of the codes and symbols that we have all come to know. His raised middle finger is a staple in his multidisciplinary work. His work also makes use of a gay lexical field: A castle of burning princesses, a choir of sirens, a fake ceramic Wikipedia page, a crossdresser in a wedding dress… Pastel-coloured or glitter-covered middle fingers adorned with shocking sentiments, he hopes to lead as many sheep as possible to be indoctrinated in his cult of vengeance. His works can be seen at the Mac Val at the Antre-Peaux in Bourges, the Graineterie in Houilles, at l’ArtistRunSpace in Paris, and the Eternal Gallery in Tours.
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