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Betty devenue Boop, ou les Anordinaires


Spectacle Betty devenue Boop avec les marionnettes et les comédien-nes

Wednesday 21 Sept | 6pm | FR
Thursday 22 Sept | 11am | FR
Thursday 22 Sept | 3pm | FR

Duration: 45min

Place: Tour à Plomb

Betty the dog has seen both homelessness and soft green grass. Her anthropo-decentred perspective allows her reflects on the significance of friendship, alterity, and resilience.

This is the tale of a dog told from the perspective of that dog: the life of a guard dog who experiences the precariousness of her owner’s lifestyle who is an undocumented migrant worker. After several years of moving from car trunks to hypermarket car parks… Betty, a 7-year-old German Shepard is torn away from Adaba – whose life is evidently not good for her. Through encounters with Émilie the granddaughter, Éric the pebble, and others, Betty becomes Boop. This animal account of hospitality takes us on a journey of the struggles and resilience of Betty, Adaba and Émilie. The dreams and trials of these characters are told to us through hand and glove puppets.

Barbara Métais-Chastanier was inspired by her encounter with a group of undocumented migrants about which she has written the Chroniques des Invisibles (Chronicles of the Invisible (Le Passager Clandestin, 2017)) and 81 Avenue Victor Hugo. Cowritten with Olivier Coulon-Jablonka and Camille Plagnet (2015).

The performance on Thursday the 22nd is followed by a stage edge (more info below).

WRITER Barbara Métais-Chastanier | STAGE DIRECTION Marie Lamachère | STAGE DIRECTION ASSISTANCE Damien Valero, Emily Moroney | COLLABORATION WITH PUPPETS Faustine Lancel | WITH Axel Caillaux, Mireille Dejean, Steve Frick, Soizic Henocque, Sarah Lemaire, Philippe Poli, Mickael Sicret, Damien Valero (On a rotating basis) | PUPPET CONSTRUCTION Romain Duverne, assisté de Manon Toreilles, Christophe Baret et Muriel Bonard | COSTUMES Cathy Sardi | SOUNDTRACK Sarah Métais-Chastanier | LIGHTING Gaby Bosc | CONCEPTION AND DECOR Marie Lamachère, Thierry Varenne, Delphine Auxiètre, Thomas Limouzin, Cédric Rolland et Sébastien Thiaumond | PHOTOGRAPHY Barbara et Thomas Métais-Chastanier | SOUND TECHNICIONS Gaby Bosc | ILLUSTRATION/GRAPHICS Evelyne Mary.
PRODUCTION // Interstices | COPRODUCTION La Bulle bleue-ADPEP34, Théâtre Le Périscope, scène conventionnée d’intérêt national art et création pour les arts de la marionnette | SUPPORT FOR DRAC DISSEMINATION Occitanie et Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole | WITH THE SUPPORT OF Fondation Orange ·SPECIAL THANKS TO Institut International de la Marionnette (Charlevile-Mézières), Alban Thierry et Guillemette Michel. // Interstices is a member of the collective of artists associated with La Bulle Bleue and the ensemble associated with the Théâtre des 13 vents CDN Montpellier | Interstices is supported by the Drac Occitanie and the Occitanie region; as well as the City of Montpelier. Her residence at La Bulle Bleue is supported by la Drac Occitanie. | La Bulle Bleue is an establishment of l’Adpep34. Its activities are supported by the Ministry of Health and Solidarity / Regional Agency of Health Occitania, the Ministry of Culture / Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs Occitania, the Region Occitania / Pyrenees-Mediterranean, the Departmental Council of Herault, Montpellier Mediterranean Metropolis, the city of Montpellier and the Cercle des mécènes of La Bulle Bleue.
Barbara Métais-Chastanier is a writer and playwright, she trained at Lyon ENS (France) in Theatre Studies. She is in charge of writing workshops for the " Performing and staging" curriculum at the CNSAD in Paris since 2018. She co wrote L'Empreinte - Scène nationale de Brive-Tulle, where she imagined sort of “in situ” experiences (Nuit blanche, 2018; Still Life, 2019; Les Enchevêtré·es, 2020-2022). She is the director of a dozen shows and plays that have been presented in France and abroad, alongside Baro d'Evel, Olivier Coulon-Jablonka, Keti Irubetagoyena, Marie Lamachère and Gwenaël Morin. She has also published Accidents (with Noëlle Renaude, Théâtrales/ENS edition, 2015), Chroniques des invisibles (Le Passager clandestin, 2017), Il n'y a pas de certitude followed by La Femme® n'existe pas (Publie‧net, 2018), as well as Nous qui habitons vos ruines - De quoi hier sera fait (PUM, 2022) and Les Beaux Gestes with Baro d'evel in 2022.
After talk
After the show, the audience is invited to meet up with the artistic team for a talk about what the show is dealing with. Besides, the director and the actors are ready to answer any questions that children may have prepared beforehand with their teachers.
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