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Cabaret King · Queer · Creature



22.09.23 | 21h

Duration: 3h + all night long

Place: C12

This party will see us cutting the red tape and setting up shop at C12 for a drag show featuring 9 performers.

Ambiance: think, create, fight, rewind, remake…
This party will see us smashing all glass ceilings and heading to C12 for a drag show featuring 9 performers.

The time has come to unpack and explore the theme of Legacy and Transmission·s in new ways.
To the sound of military marches and Euro-dance, monsters of all kinds will cut a rug alongside nymphs and mutants.
Tonight, we will show resistance to the true insidious monster that is part of our collective inheritance. We will shed light on a part of history that has been left in the shadows, we will pay tribute to an extraordinary toy, and lock away the gender codes that damage us all.

Featuring: Blanket La Goulue (host) · Dicklan · Dulce de MalaLeche · Femmeboyant (from Berlin) · King Baxter (host) · La Morrigasme · Paula Roïd · Rose Gigot · τερατά μαμέ (Terata Mamé)


Once you are all warmed up and ready, the party will start.

Featuring: Paramida · Audrey Danza · Zouzibabe

Blanket La Goulue
Artiste drag Bruxellois·e qui aime fouiller dans nos mémoires musicales pour vomir les erreurs du passé. Blanket a commencé le drag il y a 3 ans, mais c’est en créant le collectif Not Allowed que tout a vraiment décollé : Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Schaerbeek. Aujourd'hui, iel performe dans plusieurs cabarets de la ville, notamment l’incroyable Sassy Cabaret et est à l'origine des shows Playback. Son drag est né du constat qu’on politise trop peu nos quotidiens, qu’on accepte la vie et ses problèmes comme un bébé accepte sa panade molle et tiède.
Drag King, Circus · a very masculine man, very cis, very straight, and above all, very self-centred. Dicklan is no stranger to rape culture. He thinks that everyone wants to sleep with him, and that wanting sex is a very natural and uncontrollable impulse. Dicklan doesn’t quite understand the concept of consent and isn’t sorry when he hears about sexual assault because, after all, sex is a human need. Thanks to all the people who have given me feedback on my creative work, especially Elio.
Dulce de MalaLeche & Rose Gigot
Furby is a little interactive plush toy from the 90s. Available in many colours, it is one of the rare toys to be explicitly non-gendered and non-binary. ‘Furbytch’ pays tribute to this with a fiery performance backed by the sound of Eurodance. Dulce (a softy obsessed with the colour pink and hearts) and Rose (a monster of deliberate tenderness) regularly join forces to destroy the patriarchy and prejudice with their outlandish love and kitsch choreography.
A mutant creature looks after its children and celebrates the act of constant transition in this performance, calling for a future that can house infinite modes of gender euphoria and networks of trans care. Femmeboyant is a genderbending creature that is neither human nor animal, but both proudly awkward and flamboyant. Curious, silly and melancholic, they embrace and celebrate failure, hoping to break up normalized and limited visions of the present and future through their serious playfulness.
King Baxter
King of the Nocturnal Kingdom and inhabitant of Brussels since 2015. Weirdo, freak and drag monster, yul revisits demons, villains, and other cases of possessions through using the body, makeup, and composition. King Baxter rarely performs in shows, but can usually be found on the concert stage, composing music, writing, and singing about the cursed melancholic, dark-cyber universe that is the Nocturnal Kingdom. But, have no fear, yul only bites If you ask for it. This time, King Baxter will be the MC in a duet with yul first child.
La Morrigasme
A gender and identity juggling shapeshifter who dances on the edge of reality. La Morrigasme flirts with a curious and disturbing strangeness! Beneath their lily-like skin lie their many vices. Mephistopheles invites you to their Mass. A pious, and proper saint, they gradually succumbs to their darker inclinations. A thousand candles at their sides, their vices gradually consume them until their irreversible demonic transformation. Inspired by the Bible and her experience as a pole-dance teacher, La Morrigasme questions the norms of female sex-appeal whilst offering an escape most liberating and tantalising.
Paula Roïd
Paula Roïd will remind you how important it is to always have fun while striking a pose. Her motto is “Capture and immortalise every moment spent without me”. Proud of her Sri Lankan origins, Paula will do her utmost to make you her target as colourfully as possible. Les Peaux de minuit, a collective whose mission it is to give queer artists and artists of colour a space for expression.
τερατά μαμέ (Terata Mamé)
In the second world war, a soldier returns from the battlefield to the peace and quiet of his home. Unfortunately, his beloved, is still stuck on the battlefield. Terata Mamé, a Greek-Belgian nymph (meaning cute monster in ancient Wallo-Greek) here turns the spotlight on the experiences and treatment inflicted on queer people during the second world war.
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