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Ciseaux (Scissors)



18 and 19.09.23 | 20h

Duration: 1h40

Place: Tour à Plomb

A brisk voyage through the queer memory of Montreal. These memories are replayed from a feminist perspective through drag acts, documentary footage and spoken word.

Two actresses explore the defining moments and places of significance for lesbians in Montreal from the past 70 years. Along the way, they identify, challenge, and reappropriate persistent clichés.

These memories are brought back to life with the help of drag king performances, documentary footage and speeches by a diverse group of queer personalities such as Manon Massé, Safia Nolin, Judith Lussier and Monique Giroux.

Intimately, we interrogate and reappropriate lesbophobic clichés to help us discover and understand them, ourselves, and perhaps even to feel a sense of belonging? The theatre company Pleurer Dans’ Douche brings a comedic and festive reflection on the under-representation of queer women in history books and mainstream media.

TW Police brutality

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Cast and credits
CREATION AND STAGE DIRECTION Pleurer Dans’ Douche INTERPRETATION Geneviève Labelle, Mélodie Noël Rousseau ASSISTANT STAGE DIRECTION Geneviève Gagné DRAMATURGICAL ADVICE Gabriel Cholette PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Geneviève Voyzelle TECHNICAL DIRECTION Sarah Merrette-Fournier VIDEO DESIGN & MAPPING Joy Boissiere, kimura byol LIGHTING Joëlle LeBlanc COSTUMES Angela Rassenti SCENOGRAPHY Jeanne Dupré SOUND DESIGN Marie-Frédérique Gravel MUSIC Calamine with Kèthe Magané (Production, guitar & bass), Valérie Lachance-Guillemette (Saxophone & vibraphone), Arthur Evenard (Keys), Sarah Dion (Percussions) MOVEMENT DIRECTION Anmarie-Paule Legault MANAGEMENT Marie-Frédérique Gravel, Joy Boissiere MAGAZINE CREATION & ILLUSTRATION Geneviève Darling
Pleurer Dans' Douche
Pleurer Dans’ Douche is a Theatre Company specialising in feminist and queer creation. Since 2016, they have used documentary material as the starting point for their interdisciplinary production. Influenced by drag cabaret, puppetry and performance, the co-founders create eclectic pieces which encourage the participation of their audiences. In 2016, Geneviève Labelle and Mélodie Noël Rousseau founded the company Pleurer Dans’ Douche, a platform for sharing their vision of the world and to quench their thirst for creation. After presenting Mosca Techno Remix at OUF and Moi : Le Zoo at the Fringe Festival in 2017, their developed a curiosity for puppetry. They then presented the show Sabat Pater at the Théâtre Aux Écuries in the winter of 2018 and again as part of Casteliers in 2019. At the same time, they discovered the world of drag and developed their Rock Bière and Rv Métal characters on the Montreal underground scene. This new practice gave them a new perspective on theatre. The Rock Bière show Le Documentaire was created in the summer of 2019 and was presented at Espace Libre in the autumn of 2021. In the autumn of 2020, they had the opportunity to present a first draft of their show In Da Club at Espace Libre, however, due to sanitary measures, this show did not debut. The success of Rock Bière Le Documentaire put wind in their sails and they continued their reflections on the place of queer women in the LGBTQ+ community. The show Ciseaux was created and sold out at Espace Libre in 2022. In the summer of 2022 and 2023, the company produces the biggest local drag show for Fierté Montréal, Majestix, on the esplanade of the Olympic Park. Since 2016, they have owned Café Reine Garçon, a LGBTQ+ arts and culture venue on Duluth Street in Montreal. The café and its two owners are thus playing a pivotal role in Montreal’s emerging cultural scene as they provide a space for theatrical events. In the spring and autumn of 2023, they will leave Montreal to tour Ciseaux throughout Quebec and Europe. In the winter of 2024, they will present Explosion at the Fred-Barry Salle of the Denise-Pelletier Theatre.
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