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Inclusive Language Conference

Camille Circlude (Bye Bye Binary, Kidnap Your Designer) · Ludi Loiseau (Médor, Bye Bye Binary) · Céline Gautier (Médor) · Effir Libilbéhéty (FAME)

Discussion Panel

19.09.23 | 14h


Place: Bellone

To name something is to give it life. Language gives materiality to the world and conveys power relations. The Médor media and the FAME festival have made it their duty to represent diversity, in particular by making women and gender minorities visible through and in their writing, and you can too.

Aimed at: arts, culture, and press professionals (self-determination).


The debate around inclusive writing is fracturing society, polarising parties and radicalising opinions. While the cause is indeed noble and necessary, energy is being wasted in proving, sometimes against all common sense, that one side is more functional: inclusion or simplification?…


It’s time to move beyond the traditional arguments, the “for” or “against”, and delve into the heart of this rich and vibrant linguistic landscape. We live in a time when language can and is evolving, changing, and adapting to reflect the diversity and complexity of our societies. Far from limiting our horizons, the use of inclusive language and inclusive writing is an opportunity to reinvent our modes of communication and to accurately reflect the multiplicity of our world.

It is also an act of reappropriation.

For too long, language has been shaped by normative power structures that exclude and lower the visibility of certain groups. This conference invites you to explore how cultural professionals, can help to break these chains and give everyone the chance to feel better represented and express themselves.


You may already have tackled these questions in your practice, and have perhaps drawn your own conclusions or approaches, on the contrary, maybe you have been met with disagreement or criticism that undermine your communications in general. How can one include without excluding, write without burdening?

Let’s take a moment at this conference to share the doubts, trials, questions, and successes experienced by us all. This conference is based on the research and practices of four key actors in this linguistic revolution: the Médor media, the Bye Bye Binary collective, the Kidnap Your Desiger studio and FAME.

This event will feature enlightening discussions, concrete examples and scenarios of usage, and creative approaches to inclusion in language. It aims at equipping you suitably so that you can integrate these new dimensions of language into your cultural projects.

Join us: language is a tool that evolves the best through collectiveness, by and for everyone.

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