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Matrimoines: from Françoise d’Eaubonne to Alice Coffin

Compagnie d'Elles · Collectives Les Tenaces


23.09.23 | 20h
24.09.23 | 12h and 18h

Duration: 1h30

Place: Public space

Circus artists meandering in celebration of two illustrious women from Toulouse: Françoise D’Eaubonne and Alice Coffin

Show taking place in the public space.

Since September 2021, Les Tenaces have celebrated women’s heritage, both that of the past and of the future. In the parks, courtyards, and streets of Toulouse, they have been making visible some of the invisible women who graced its streets.

These Femmages (female homages) are directed toward two artists : one deceased and forgotten, and the other alive and active.


This year, Les Tenaces take up the works and life stories of the eco-feminist Françoise D’Eaubonne and the feminist-activist Alice Coffin.

This walk is an in-situ creation which is always a unique and personal experience. The artists arrive in advance and adapt their creation to the surroundings and context. The urban furniture becomes the scenography, and they deliver a joyful mixture of dance, acting, singing, cyr wheel, corde lisse and Chinese pole. Then, they leave, sealing their performance between the audience and themselves.


The aim?

The previous walks have built bridges between other life stories from: the filmmaker Raymonde Carasco, to the director Léa Fehner, and from the ringleader Jeanette Mac Donald to the animal tamer Camille Decourtye. This performance seeks above all to facilitate the (re)discovery of these emblematic women from Toulouse, and what better way to do this than for other Brussels/Toulouse-based artists to celebrate them in public space.

FRENCH AND BELGIAN ARTISTS Yaëlle Antoine (play), Sophia Antoine (play, Marianna De sanctis (hula-hoop), Nathalia Fandino (trapeze), Vanina Fandino (tightrope), Quelen Lamouroux (dancing and singing), Oriane Lautel (trapeze), Jenny Rombai (hammock), Andréa Schulte (chinese pole), Constanza Sommi (Cyr wheel), Lucia Soto (dance), Laura Terrancle (corde lisse). MUSIQUE Quelen Lamouroux TECHNIQUE & IMPLEMENTATION Nicolas Gresnot INSPIRATION liberally inspired by the works of Françoise d’Eaubonne and Alice Coffin.
The Les Tenaces collective is the feminist emanation of the d’Elles Company. D’Elles is subsidised by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles, and the Région Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée. Yaëlle Antoine is an associate artist of the parvis Scène Nationale Tarbes Pyrénées.
Les Tenaces
Les Tenaces are unique in the world of circus and street performing. A true “feminist emanation” according to Reine Pratt, they have also been identified as such by the French Ministry of Culture. In 2012, Les Tenaces wrote their first manifesto which stated the urgency of changing the direction of the spotlight: “Of the need and necessity to test and to complete the perceptions of gender representations in artistic productions of street and circus arts, but also to refine tools for reflection and action within the very processes that shape imaginations in order to evolve them”. This committed feminist agenda within the d’Elles company brings female creators from the circus and female street artists together to fight against sexism and gender inequality in their respective disciplines. Les Tenaces seeks to encourage equality by highlighting the work of female creators in the domain of circus and street arts (directory of female lead companies, news of creations, portraits of artists, etc.) and to mitigate the lack of visibility of these artists. This is noted in their programmes in order to encourage the support for and distribution of circus and street art creations made by women.
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