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MUSOGYNIE · Museum of misogyny

ExhibitionGuided tour


18.09.23 | 16h
French and/or english

Duration: 1h30

Place: Riches-Claires

Guided visit of the MUSOGYNIE collection, a museum of misogyny and some of its aesthetic forms.

Objects and artifacts depicting fetishised representations of the female body find their place in the collection of this museum in a multitude forms: statues, prints, jewellery, songs, books…
This collection was founded in 2018 by Mélina Ghorafi and has continued to grow ever since. It seeks to reappropriate indications and representations of misogyny in order to strip it of its violence. This collection is a museum of the future, bringing together the relics and remnants of the misogyny of times past.

Mélina will guide the viewers to the heart of the objects that make up the collection, recounting their history and origins. MUSOGYNIE weaves a cartography of systemic violence told by its artifacts and through the collective examining of its contents. Individual objects will be used as anchors for exchanges and discussions about the issues that relate to them.


TW: Misogyny (Violent content, discriminatory language), sexual violence

Mélina Ghorafi
Mélina Ghorafi is a French interdisciplinary artist and writer based in Brussels. A 2019 graduate of Villa Arson in Nice, her work centers around questioning the aesthetics of violence, its languages, and especially its relationship to women and sexuality. Through research, texts, songs, and performances, she invents a language which interconnects queer sensibilities and the traditional aesthetics of misogyny. This was made her main project: MUSOGYNIE, a museum of and muses, and misogyny; its representations, depictions and fantasies about it. Among the projects that make up MUSOGYNIE, one will find a glossary on rape called “Raptus”, a museum memory palace– for which her body is the storage place, “fakelores”, a series of reworked traditional songs created by reappropriating French oral tradition, and the creation of a catalogued artificial dialect. Mélina writes her own songs and sings them in live performances, the first of which was presented during the AlienShe Poetry exhibition at SOMA in Marseille. Her work has been published in CENSORED, she has performed at Les Grands Voisins in Paris and did a Créations en Cours residency with the Ateliers Médicis in 2021. She participated in several events and exhibitions organised by the Brussels collective La Satellite, exhibited at the OVNi moving image festival in Nice also in 2021 and finally performed at the Wallonie-Bruxelles Centre in Paris during the NOVA_XX biennial in 2022. Her latest project is her participation in the group exhibition Les Sillons #1 at the Centre d’art contemporain of the Ferme du Buisson in the Paris region where she presented the MUSOGYNIE collection.
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