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Poetik Bazar Balade · To whom belongs the horizon?



22.09.23 | 7h28

Duration: 1h30

Place: Public space

A poetic walk in the heart of mega(necro)polis, Brussels. A capital of Europe organised into green spaces, restricted, renovated, trampled, policed, resistant, valiant… can poetry still serve as fallow land, a diversion, a horizon?

Two poets (FR & NL) share their readings and their viewpoints in an effort to fight back with words, and to shed some light on residual mysteries. Organized with Poetik Bazar festival.

Acknowledgements: Marie Monfils, Mélanie Godin, Aliette Griz, the Mort·es de la rue collective, Poetik Gang.

Lotte Dodion
Lotte Dodion (1987) is a versatile poet and performer. Even when she is not writing or performing, she is consumed by poetry and the wonder that comes with it. She sets up poetry projects in which she experiments with social design, encouraging audience participation. Her first collection Kannonenvlees (2016) has been reprinted several times. Studio Haiku, her second book, was published by Atlas Contact in 2022. She regularly collaborates with musicians; with Chantal Acda she toured ‘Nu Nog Even Niet’, an intimate, collective project. With Adriaan de Roover, she published a meditation at the crossroads of music and poetry. With Annelies Van Dinter (Echo Beatty), she produced a tribute to Patti Smith, a founding figure of the Punk movement. In cooperation with Youkobo Artspace, Dodion travelled to Tokyo to find inspiration for a new compendium. Her ears guided her exploration of the city, setting out to bathe in Mt. Fuji at sunrise, visiting holy sites, and doing field research on witchcraft, Shintōism, rituals and symbols of nature. She was and is also one of the official poets of the city of Antwerp for the years 2022 and 2023.
Milady Renoir
Milady Renoir was born the month following the decriminalisation of abortion in France (Thank you Simone). She grew up between the Loire, the Seine, the Marne, and the Yonne, in council housing estates, with an entourage who were considered something between ruffians and barflies. Thanks to an involuntary five-year stint in London, she worked a variety of jobs: as a chambermaid (voyeur), barmaid (social worker), product sorter at a factory (petit thief), baker (glutton), sales rep for boutique hotels (scriptwriter) etc. She has been living more or less happily in Brussels since the year 2000. For the past 19 years, she has alternated between writing sporadically, running writing workshops without temperance, coordinating a network (Kalame, a professional network of writing workshop leaders from 2010-2017), raising a blond ogre with size 44 shoes, maintaining 6 blogs with perseverance and tenacity, and a few body-ink-throat performances in various venues. A passionate activist in service of the struggles of forced exile (sans papiers). She expects the lights to go out in 2046, just before the 8 o’clock news. In the interim, she will have published Booklegs with Maelström, scattered texts in some 30 magazines on the arts, social issues, literary research, and papers which have been left sweating in the rain, an ‘old’, but valid interview conducted by Edith Soonckindt about some of her values and hobbies.
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