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Future bodies

20 and 21.09.23 · 20h30

Duration: 1h

Place: Théâtre National

Four half-cyborg half-centaur dancers, dance and mutate to give themselves the courage needed to break what must be broken. Ruuptuur is an underground, festive, political, and magical ritual.

Is rupture is a necessary part of change (social, personal, emotional, rhythmic)!
These choreographers and performers respond to this question with explosive, festive, and the spirit of D.I.Y.
Four humanoid beings, with half-cyborg, half-centaur bodies, nurture what needs to be nurtured, rekindle our hopes for the future, and take action when action is needed, preparing themselves for the rupture that is needed.

The piece is set to a pulsating soundtrack and each dancer has their own style: contemporary, urban, theatrical. Bodies are augmented by prosthetics – an imposing equine frame – and a nod to the multiple strata of rupture. These figures crush conventions, punch protocol, squash standards, negate norms, and kick customs. In a joyous ritual as invigorating as it is anarchic, the four toe the line between modern trance and primal roar. These centaur-cyborgs, obliterate the creeping doom and gloom as tamers of frenzy, and gallop towards the future, fearless and proud.

Corealisation FAME x Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles.

CONCEPT AND CHOREGRAPHY Mercedes Dassy COLLABORATION AND INTERPRETATION Kanessa Aguilar Rodriguez, Kim Ceysens, Mercedes Dassy, Justine Theizen DRAMATURGY AND CONSEIL ARTISTIQUE Sabine Cmelniski COSTUME CREATION Justine Denos SOUND DESIGN Clément Braive DIRECTION Inès Ismbi LIGHTING DESIGN Caroline Mathieu LIGHTING MANAGEMENT Inès Isimbi, Caroline Mathieu, David Alonso Morillo (apprentice) DRAMATURGICAL COLLABORATION Maria Kakkogianni REGARD EXTÉRIEUR Judith Williquet
PRODUCTION ET DIFFUSION ama brussels - France Morin, assistée de Clara Schmitt UN SPECTACLE DE Mercedes Dassy PRODUCTION DÉLÉGUÉE Atelier 210, ama brussels. COPRODUCTION Charleroi danse, Théâtre de Liège, VIERNULVIER, Points communs - nouvelle scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise/Val d'Oise, la Coop asbl, l’Atelier 210, Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine Saint Denis AVEC L’AIDE DE la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles / Service Danse, de Wallonie-Bruxelles International AVEC LE SOUTIEN de La Villette (Paris), La Bellone, Buda KunstenCentrum – Courtrai, le studio Thor, de Shelterprod, du, ING, du Tax-Shelter du gouvernement fédéral de Belgique. Mercedes Dassy est artiste associée de Charleroi Danse de 2023 à 2025
Mercedes Dassy
Mercedes Dassy is a performer and choreographer who has been dancing since childhood. At age 19, she trained at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (S.E.A.D) in Austria for 3 years. Returning to Brussels in 2012, she danced as a performer with Voetvolk/Lisbeth Gruwez, Compagnie3637, Notch Company/Oirane Varak Leslie Mannès/Thomas Thurine/Vincent Lemaître, among others. After her first short work, PAUSE, she created the solo I-CLIT in 2018. With this piece, she inaugurates the choreographic site of a prolific and radical body of work based on the relationship between intimacy and politics. I-CLIT is first and foremost a reappropriation of her own body, it then reappropriates feminist and pop culture. I-CLIT laid the foundations for a new singular aesthetic that shook up the dance scene and stirred its audiences. That same year, she received the Jo Dekmine prize from the Théâtre des Doms, which rewards creations and artists. The following year, Dassy tackled a new, more introspective, solo piece entitled B4 SUMMER. The scope of her questions widened: how can one fight? How does one cope with the dizziness of all forms of domination? Once again, her work met with success, and she received the Jury Prize in the Podium dance competition in the solo/duo category. During the same period of effervescence, she created TWYXX, a duet with actor Tom Adjibi, and choreographed a solo for dancer Maeva Lassère which was commissioned by the Lyon Opera, and she performed PAMELA CHAPITRE 6765 for the 2020 edition of Actoral festival in Marseille. After 5 years of unprecedented production, aged just 33, Mercedes Dassy is now embarking on a new cycle of research. This new chapter starts with her official affiliation with Charleroi Danse.
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