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It’s raining cats and dogz

Alice Rivières (collectif DingDingDong) | Christine Aventin


Tuesday 20 Sept | 5pm | FR

Duration: 2h

Place: Tour à Plomb

Alice has a neurodevelopmental illness and she doesn't know how to deal with it. She is pissed off because doctors planned that she will end up as a vegetable.

Hopefully, Christine knows Fifi Brindacier well, who has her own opinion about all this. The time has finally come to invent our vegetable mutations! Aventin and Rivières are co-founders of the very select Saucisse club.

It’s raining catz and dogz is a moment of collective mapping of counter-narratives to learn how to think, in singing, about the end of our lives. This is the very first time we will be doing this. It’s for people who are intrigued and intimidated by “end-of-life/death-with-dignity” stories. There will be a bit of lecture but not too much, and here and there, participation.
With Anne Thuot as viewer and reader.

Christine Aventin is a bit of a clumsy girl – an upset writer. From a fluid literary genre, in 2021, she published Féminispunk at Editions Zones and Scalp (poems) (L'Arbre à paroles, "iF" collection). Alice Rivières carries the gene for Huntington's disease, which gradually transforms her body and soul. Since she became aware of such an extra-ordinary future, she has devoted most of her time observing and writing on what she calls "the long march of her neuroevolutionary metamorphosis". She is a special reporter of the Dingdingdong Institute in Huntingtonland. Main works: Dingdingdong Manifest (Éditions Dingdingdong, Paris, 2013) and Anouck, Dingdingdong portrait n°1 (with A. Compain-Tissier, Editions Dingdingdong, Paris, 2013)
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