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La recomposition des mondes (Worlds recomposed)

Les Philosophes Barbares Company


22.09.23 | 19h
23.09.23 | 16h

Duration: 1h

Place: CC Bruegel

Imagine a world without the nature versus nurture debate. A world where nature is considered as our equal.

Leisurely inspired by the cartoons designed by Alessandro Pignocchi

Politicians desperately seek to throw away their power to concentrate on their shared gardens, whilst chickadee birds enter politics with Molotov cocktails. A burnt-out member of the CRS riot squad gives himself up to a team of journalists who are trying to understand the whole situation. According to the numerous protests that have been spring up, a (r)evolution seems to be afoot. However, what it will amount to remains to be seen.

Imagine a world where opposition between nature and nurture is abolished, one in which animism is the dominant belief system. A system of thought that considers flora, fauna and other natural elements as animate as humans, accepting that they too can possess a soul.

This is the type of situation that Alessandro Pignocchi depicts in his graphic novels, “just to make my friends laugh”. He also says that “it does us some good to imagine fictions where the changes that we would like to see in the world are illustrated”.

Since the world is already absurd, we must answer it in the same tone.

Street theater. Meeting point : CC Bruegel

Pedagogical file

FROM & STARRING Glenn Cloarec, Marion Le Gourrierec, Léa Saunal and Vincent Bacuzzi in alternation with Martin Votano, Nicolas Luboz WRITTEN BY Les Philosophes Barbares STAGE DIRECTION Juliette Nivard ASSISTANT STAGE DIRETION AND STAGE MANAGEMENT Lucie Vieille-Marchiset ART DIRECTION Camille Khoury PUPPET & PROP DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION Jo Smith C​​ONSTRUCTION ASSISTANCE Isabelle Buttigieg COSTUME & DECOR Paola-Céleste Heuer MUSICAL COMPOSITION Stanislas Trabalon PICTURE Pierre Acobas, Quevin Noguès
PRODUCTION Les Philosophes Barbares Theater Company COPRODUCTION Festival Graines de Rue - Bessines sur Gartempe, le Périscope scène conventionnée pour les formes animées - Nîmes, festival MiMa - Mirepoix, festival Marionnettissimo - Tournefeuille, L’Estive/Scène Nationale de Foix & Les Fabriques réunies: Musicalarue – Luxey, Lacaze aux sottises – Orion, Sur le Pont – CNAREP La Rochelle RESIDENCIES L’Usinotopie, Bouillon de Cube, La Fabrique du Viala, La Rudeboy crew DRAC SPONSORS Occitanie, Région Occitanie, CD Ariège, Aide de l’État – Préfet de la région Occitanie
Les Philosophes Barbares
Les Philosophes Barbares is a theater company based in Mirepoix (Ariège, France). For the past few years, their work has taken a decidedly political direction during which the Theatre of Movement and Puppetry is at the service of contemporary societal issues. “Z. ça ira mieux demain” (2018) dealt with transhumanism, “C’est pas (que) des salades” (2020) questioned agricultural professions, “La Recomposition des Mondes” (2022) is part of the pressing desire to liberate our imaginations in order to create new “mythologies” through imagining inclusive societies where nature and nurture are not so dissociated. The company has an energetic yet generous approach to staging, which lends itself well to the absurd. It envisions the stage as a playground for the liberation of all desires and a utopian space for unfettered expression where the socio-political issues of our time can be reimagined. The freedom of their artistic approach also aligns with their desire to free themselves from pre-existing theatrical categories which can be overly rigid. Les Philosophes Barbares promote freedom of expression and favour the spontaneity of improvisation. Their research in staging and a fusion of influences give rise to truly unique shows.
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