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Zohra’s Feestje

ZEBARBAR | De Studio


Friday 23 Sept | 10:30am | NL
Friday 23 Sept | 1:30pm | FR
Saturday 24 Sept | 4pm | FR

Duration: 45min

Place: Montagne Magique

Yamina is eight years old and does not like birthday parties. When her grandmother Zohra turns 70, her mother Fadila organizes a surprise birthday party for her.

But Grandma Zohra is not a party girl and the party turns into a fiasco. Yamina wonders why her grandmother doesn’t like parties, too. Together, they go on a journey through Zohra’s memories, looking for an answer. Memories of Algeria, the country of her birth, of trees full of olives, of the donkey Bakri and of her journey as grandmother Zohra to Belgium.

Distribution and credits
BY AND WITH Yamina Takkatz | DIRECTED BY Michai Geyzen | TEXT Yamina Takkatz, Michai Geyzen | PLAY Yamina Takkatz and Anna Saveniers (NL), Sanae Saidi-Leclere (FR) | COMPOSITION Han Stubbe | ANIMATION Yamina Takkatz | DRAMATURGY Ans Vroom | LYRICS Gunter Nagels | LIGHTING Jeroen Wutz | SCENOGRAPHY Ruby Renteurs | THANKS TO Khalid Koujili El Yakoubi, Céline Felga and Sarah Vermeyen | WITH THE SUPPORT OF Stad Antwerpen & De Studio
For ZEBARBAR, children must recognize themselves in their hero·ines. For what they do and think, regardless of their origin or skin color. The theater company directed by Yamina Takkatz makes musical theater and images for a young audience, with a focus on urban themes. Yamina Takkatz is in search of connections. She does this from her own background, while consciously investigating the universal in her own story. ZEBARBAR tackles a beautiful and sensitive theme: the secrets of grandparents and the special bond that binds grandchildren to them. In February 2021, an online version of the play was performed in libraries in Brussels and it was clear that this is a theme that touches all children. The conversations that followed were intense and lively. Many children with an immigrant background do indeed experience a break in their family history: grandparents who have left everything behind to build a new life in an unknown environment. Each family has its own fracture or trauma, and each family deals with it in its own way. De Studio works in collaboration with ZEBARBAR to tell new stories in a super-diverse society. The connecting power of storytelling and theater colors the palette of the imagination in the city.
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